WARPATH Redlines™ Kids / Youth BJJ Gi - Black : A0 [LAST ONE] <||||>

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WARPATH Redlines™ Kids / Youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi!

Named Red lines after it's red contrasted stitching and embellishments. This Gi is 100% competition legal with ample room for your own patches on the chest and back. 

  • Manufactured in sizes A1 - A4. But also available in A5.
  • Red contrast stitching, embroidery & drawstring. 
  • 450gsm Cotton Jacket with EVA Foam Lapel.
  • Optional WARPATH Angry Panther™ patch on back.
  • 8oz Ripstop Pants.
  • Competition-legal. 

Hand-made by Apocalypse Fightwear for WARPATH Fightwear™ in Pakistan.

Design and copyright WARPATH Fightwear™, 2017. All rights reserved.

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