VENUM Tribal Satin Muay Thai Trunks / Shorts - Electric Blue <|||>

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VENUM Tribal Satin Muay Thai Trunks.

We have designed our "Tribal" Muay Thaï shorts with the strong idea in mind to honor this wonderfull and well-know martial art! So, in order to make you feel the tradition and the spirit of Muay Thaï, we have decided to hand-made it in the cradle of Muay: the Kingdom of Thailand. 

These shorts are the perfect combination between tradition and modernity! All the embroideries are hand-sewn and the wide label on the elastic shows "Muay Thaï' in traditional Thaï character. The wide open leg ensures you an unrestricted movements, while the specific lateral splits improves your mobility for heavy and dynamic strikes!

Technical features: 
- 100% ultra lightweight satin polyester: dry-cleaning or hand cleaning only!
- Fully hand-sewn embroideries.
- Features Tribal patterns.
- Traditional elastic shirred waistband for ultimate comfort and secure fit.
- Designed lateral splits improving your mobility for dynamic strikes.
- Wide leg for unrestricted movement.
- Handmade in Thaïland.