VENUM Diagonal Cotton T-Shirt + Giant Fleece Track Pants - SUPER-SIZED XXL BUNDLE

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We're not joking. You have to be about 6'2" for these to fit you.

Comprising of:
VENUM Diagonal Cotton T-Shirt in White, XXL (46"+ Chest)
+ VENUM Giant Track Pants in Black, XXL (38"+ Waist, 6'2" Tall)

Searching for a pair of tracksuit pants to sport to and from training? Keep comfortable with this line of cotton fleece Venum Track Pants. The perfect style to wear on your way to the gym, or after your next workout. Made from soft fleece for casual comfort, both styles feature embroidered logos on the legs and backside, with a thick athletic drawstring in the waistband to keep them snug.

There can be only ONE; when it's gone, it's gone...