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smartCRUTCH is engineered with Robust and durable materials, only weighing 990 grams per crutch. Ergonomically designed grips to suit the natural wrist and hand positions in a neutral state; Left and Right hand.Adjustable forearm brace, allows individual setting to suite ones own comfort requirements.

The forearm platform is supplied with a layer of Memory foam for maximum comfort. Adjustable leg length for your required height.

The  crutch ferrules are unique in design, allowing the rubber to angulate in all directions during weight transfer to the ground.The crutch ferrules ensures horizontal adherence of the non-skid flat tread to the ground at all times.

  • Forearm platform foam padding – Memory Foam for long lasting comfort.
  • Pressure reduced by up to six times per square centimeter (0.5kg/cm2).
  • Hourglass-shaped crutch ferrules design, maximizes surface contact.
  • Adjustment Range of the forearm: 270 mm to 300 mm.
  • Forearm length settings: 3 increments.
  • Forearm platform adjusted from 15° to a 90°.
  • Height adjustment: 10 positions.
  • Adult Size Range 1.524 meters – 1.920 meters (Adult Size Range 5’ – 6’3”).
  • Height Adjustment standard leg : Maximum : 1100mm
  • Height Adjustment standard leg : Minimum : 875 mm.
  • Weight Bearing Limitation – 100 Kg.
  • Crutch weight (single crutch) – 990 grams. (2.92 lb).
  • Sold in pairs.