RDX Zero Impact Kids Headguard - Red {|||}

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RDX Zero Impact Kids Head Guard.

Zero impact and zero budge. The best junior MMA headgear for all contact sports, designed for the perfect fit and the perfect protection against shock. Innovative foam design ensures complete cushioning and support for the head, whilst unique technology delivers zero impact so your little fighters won’t be fazed by hooks and jabs. Moulded to the head’s natural contour and featuring a secure Velcro strap system, this helmet is more comfortable than ever! And cut from a seriously robust leather, this youth boxing helmet is going to last and last. No matter how brutal the workouts. 
  • Maya Hide™ leather construction for fighting headgear that resists wear.
  • EVA-LUTION FOAM™ for outstanding cushioning and protection.
  • G-Core technology for a zero impact feel during sparring.
  • Anatomically contoured for a perfect fit and zero budge.
  • Quick-EZ™ Velcro closure for easy adaptability and a snug hold.