SPORTAN™ Industries FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where are your physical stores located?

Answer - We don't have any physical stores. Our only store is this online store. Have a look at Apocalypse, Kai, Alias, Scarab, Hanami, MMA-Shop, and so forth. Look at if they have/had physical stores. Look at how many of them still exist. The market is just too small in South Africa for even one physical store to be sustainable.


2. Do you stock striking pads & punching bags?

Answer - Not at this time. Those items are big to store and costs too much in transport fees because of the freight weight. If we had or ever have a physical store. We would stock and sell such items.


3. Which countries do you deliver to currently?

Answer - We are based in South Africa and we deliver World-Wide via courier.


4. How long will it take before my order is shipped?

Answer - If you paid by EFT it will be shipped out the next available shipping day; Tuesdays to Wednesdays. If you paid by PayFast it will be shipped after 7 business days; PayGate 10 business days; Tuesdays to Wednesdays. It all depends how long it takes for your payment to clear into our account but it can take up to a maximum of 3 weeks for your order to ship, it all depends on the circumstances.


5. What's the story with BACK ORDER items?

Answer - BACK ORDER items originate from a super-secret supplier in Europe. We don't keep this stock on-hand in South Africa. BACK ORDER items are immediately reserved at the supplier and then shipped to South Africa on the last business day of every month as from April 2018.


6. What is the difference between Limited Edition, Super Limited Edition and Ultra Limited Edition Gis?

Answer - Limited Edition Gis are produced in numbers of 1-12. Super Limited Edition Gis are produced in numbers of 1-7. Ultra Limited Edition Gis are produced in numbers of 1-3. These designs are not intended to be repeated or reproduced unless signed petitions are presented in person, in triplicate. ;)


7. How does the WARPATH / NEMESIS BJJ Gi Buy-Back Program work?

Answer - The program is called KA-CHING.

Here are the rules to comply with for your original WARPATH Gi to be eligible:

  1. The Number One rule for this initiative is "One roll = One wash". Meaning; you roll in your Gi, and then it gets washed before you roll in it again. No one will buy a second-hand Gi from us that wreaks of an ammonia smell.
  2. If the embroidery has come loose, that does not disqualify the garment. That's a factory fault and it won't diminish the buy-back value.
  3. Garments with tears will not qualify.
  4. If only the jacket is torn it leaves the pants open for qualification. And visa versa.
  5. Jackets are valued at 70% of the buy-back price, pants at 30%. The formula will be fine-tuned as we go along.
  6. A sliding scale will be applied to calculate the value.
  7. The cost of returning the Gi will be for the seller's account.

KA-CHING BJJ Gi Buy-back Program sliding scale examples:
Gi purchase price in 2021 = R1,500.
Gi buy-back price in 2021 = R1,000.
Gi buy-back price in 2022 = R500.
Gi buy-back price in 2023 = R250.

Gi purchase price in 2021 = R2,900.
Gi buy-back price in 2021 = R2,000.
Gi buy-back price in 2022 = R1,000.
Gi buy-back price in 2023 = R500.


8. How do I earn points on your WarClan Program?

Old Answer - There are many ways.

  1. Create an account = 1000 Points Once Off (R10)
  2. Subscribe to the news letter = 2000 Points Once Off (R20)
  3. Make a purchase = Get R3 back for every R100 spent.
  4. Leave a review for products you purchased = 3000 Points Per Review (R30)
  5. Send in an action shot of you wearing your purchased items = 4000 Points (R40)
  6. Have a Birth Day, and save it into the WarClan Program = 5000 Points on your Birth Day (R50)

2019 Answer - The WarClan Program has been discontinued due to a lack of interest from customers.


9. How do I spend my points on your WarClan Program?

Old Answer - You have to build up enough points to convert it to a Discount Voucher. Buddy Program Points can be converted to Discount Vouchers in increments of R100. As in R100, R200 or R300. But you are required to have built up the equivalent points.

2019 Answer - The WarClan Program has been discontinued due to a lack of interest from customers.


10. Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

Answer - Yes we do.

11. If I don't want to send in my measurements, will you still ship my order?

Answer - No problem, we require waiver of measurements submission in writing via e-mail. But you will forfeit opportunity of refund or exchange based on non-fitment by doing so.


12. How does returns work and what is the return address?

Answer - If your item doesn't fit and you want to return it you MUST NOT not have

  1. worn it,
  2. washed it,
  3. removed the tags or
  4. destroyed or damaged the packaging in any way.

A 10% (Ten Percent) Cancellation and or Refund Surcharge applies on all Orders.

If the tags have been removed we're going to dock 20% (Twenty percent) of the refund per item afflicted.

If the packaging has been destroyed or damaged we're going to dock an additional 10% of the refund per item afflicted.

Items that have been washed or worn are not eligible for return.

In all other cases please return to the address below:

Suite 54, POSTNET,  Southdowns, Centurion, GT, 0157

Once we've collected the returned items and inspected them we'll refund you excluding the cost of initial delivery. 



13. How do Order Item Refund Amounts work?

Answer - Taking into consideration and provided the rules as laid out in point 12 did not need to be affected:

Direct EFT payments are refunded at 100%.

PayFast & PayGate payments are refunded at 95%. - PayFast charges a 5% handling fee on payments the process. If you chose one of those as a payment method for your convenience, you forfeit their handling fees. We only refund what was paid into our account.


14. How do Order Cancellation Amounts work?

Answer - A 10% (Ten Percent) Order Cancellation surcharge will be levied on all orders.