"Founded in 2005, the company has built upon their success as a fashionable fight short brand and recently expanded their product range to include T-shirts, hoodies, kimonos and other top notch gear.

Venum Fight Co. clothing is worn by thousands of fighters across the globe. The brand sponsors a powerful roster of professional MMA superstars."

 On a personal note...

Do you want to stand out? Do you want to look as competitive as you really are? Then get yourself VENUM! It's as simple as that. Their designs are brash and in your face. VENUM is of highest quality and used by many professional cage fighters - one of my favourites being "The Count" : Michael Bisping. By far the majority of my personal fightwear collection is made up of VENUM FIGHTWEAR! 


If you can afford it, VENUM FIGHTWEAR is and will always be, my number one recommendation. Even though mom doesn't like their viper logo. ;)

- Aggro, HUGE fan