""Hayabusa" is the Japanese word for Peregrine Falcon. A predator of renowned speed, power, and strength; the falcon shares the very same core attributes with the legions of combat athletes who put their trust in us. Since day one, we have possessed an unwavering commitment to be superior in every aspect of performance. From our diverse collection of pro-level equipment to our iconic apparel, we have set a new standard in performance, quality and classic style to which there is no equal. Whether it’s fight night or training day, you’ll find everything you need from the #1 brand in the game.  This is Hayabusa – the true spirit of a fighter!"

Other's opinions might differ from mine, and HAYABUSA's designs aren't as flash as VENUM's, but if you want the best quality and craftsmanship in combat sports clothing then you get HAYABUSA. My personal favourite is the Metaru 47 Silver range. - Aggro